CONCEPT draws attention at Yorkdale Shopping Center

Since it’s launching in April in Yorkdale Shopping Center, in-mall multi-vendor temporary retailer initiative, called CONCEPT is becoming more and more popular. It spans about 3,600 square feet in a location near Yorkdale’s TTC subway entrance, at the south end of the mall’s Nordstrom anchored expansion wing.

The key idea of landlord Oxford Properties is to give chance to different retailers to present and sell their products at regular intervals without the long-term commitment, typically required in such cases.

In April, all six areas of the space were food related, while this month the same place has been re-designed as a fashion location. 

Although more buyers are coming to check out the new CONCEPT idea in one of the most visited Canadian shopping malls, some of the tenants are also available at Toronto's Queen Street West. A reason more to support this concept of selling is the fact it will offer customers some of the brands hardly available in ‘mainstream’ malls. 

New space, now transformed in the name of fashion glory, is surely worth a visit. Brands that are waiting for you there this month are: Peace Collective, Bather, MARY YOUNG, HAYLEY ELSAESSER and HEIRKid. You will also be able to leave the mall with new inkbox temporary tatto while drinking Peace Treats milkshakes or enjoying the Lola’s Cloud organic cotton candy.  

According to Retail Council of Canada, Yorkdale Shopping Center is ranked as Canada’s most productive shopping center. It seems that Canadians love to buy top notch goods, since the study has shown the most significant percentage of sales is done in exclusive stores. Luxury retailers play a key role in the mall’s productivity and that is interesting to know.

Maybe one of the reasons this mall is mecca for shopping is the fact it never stops with  offering more, retaining quality and being innovative: this year it will open new westward wing with number of  first-to-market retailers. Last year the mall unveiled its Nordstrom anchored expansion wing, with over 20 new retailers, all set up in a dramatic space boasting natural light and impressive ceilings.

As for the pop-up concept stores they have more than enough advantages and most likely are to develop the whole new concept of sale. The greatest plus is they allow retailers to test the market without being bound by long-term leases and costly tenant improvements, while also providing retailers an opportunity to establish a presence in the market prior to opening their permanent store in their ideal location. Regarding e-commerce retailers it can be great opportunity to test concepts in a physical form and that way compare the results of sale and plan the next business step.

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