West Edmonton Mall Welcomes It’s New Michael Kors Store

Who says gentlemen are sometimes neglected when it comes to fashion?

Canada got it’s first Michael Kors men’s store, at West Edmonton Mall. Famous American fashion brand has, already, opened it’s women’s store at the second level of the mall and continues growing it’s presence on the local market. Hopefully, the new retail place will meet the needs of it’s future customers, as it took a lot of effort to make the store stand out, regarding the design and premium collections.

In-house team did a great job in designing the store using mostly wood, steel and marble. Modern design displays are all over the space, as well as many black-and-white photos. Details are done in dark oak wood and special Calacatta marble. A palette of soft browns and grays, mixed textural finishes and luxe materials provide a refined and inviting ambience – says Michael Kors design team.

The new 1,895 square foot store will offer an extensive selection of apparel, accessories and leather goods from the Michael Kors Men's collection, described as modern and sleek. Lucky gentlemen will be able to purchase many different items within the brand’s sportswear, footwear, suede and leather outerwear, tailored apparel, bags, briefcases, wallets, watches and eyewear. 

Michael Kors brand, founded by the designer of the same name in 1981, also operates dozens of individual stores in Canada, coast-to-coast, catering primarily to women. That is why this store is special, in a way - West Edmonton Mall’s men’s store is one of only a few both in Canada and globally. There are only 11 of them in the United States.

West Edmonton Mall keeps placing itself higher on the retail market by opening numerous stores of premium brands - Montreal-based Rudsak recently opened in the mall, as well as Marc Cain and Icebreaker Merino Wool. 

Did you know?

West Edmonton Mall's concept is inspired by the traditional bazaars of Persia, where shopping and entertainment were plentiful, fulfilling a variety of consumer needs all in one place. With it’s 5.3 million square feet, the mall is the size of a small city. Average number of people who visit this shopping centre during a year and enjoy everything it has to offer is approximately 30.8 million!

West Edmonton Mall has the total number of 800 stores, two hotels and more than 100 dining venues and it is one of the rare malls in Canada to be accredited as a Zoo!

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