Yorkdale Shopping Centre As Home To New Spectacular Retail Space

Yorkdale shopping mall, the premier shopping destination of Canada, always has something different to offer to it’s customers. This time, it is an impressive multi-purpose flagship store called Restoration Hardware. The stunning four level store spans a total of almost 70,000 square feet of interior and exterior space and includes a courtyard café, interactive design atelier offering professional interior design services and a rooftop park.

RH Chairman & CEO Gary Friedman said: The vision for our new design galleries has been to blur the lines between residential and retail, and create spaces that are more home than store. The next logical step was to further blur the lines between home and hospitality, with an integrated restaurant, wine and coffee bar.

If you live in Toronto area, we warmly recommend visiting the Restoration Hardware as you will have an impression you are walking through an ancient residence built in rococo style. Entrance to the ground floor level is available from within the mall and once you are in, you will be absolutely mesmerised. Two things you might like most at the first level are lush interior courtyard and stunning greenery all over the space. Some of the decorations include high trees surrounded by boxwood hedge, Boston ivy and many geometric topiaries. Beautiful Courtyard Café will welcome you surrounded by open-air loggias, but visitors can, also, enjoy banquette seating, surrounded by cascading English ivy, elegant fountains and crystal chandeliers. 

Numerous passageways at the same level are arranged to lead the visitor through the different rooms, where many of the collections from internationally recognized artists and designers can be seen. When you get tired of walking try a bit of magic home-made pastries at the RH Barista Bar. If you ever need the best possible space design head to the next, second level and check out the amazing workplace set up as design atelier. This specific studio will offer you services from both designers and architects and all that you need is put in one place - four, 15-foot custom tables are there for making new designs, and RH's vast library of fabrics, leathers and furniture finishes is available too. 

Huge exhibition space, called RH Modern, will welcome you at the level three. This is presented as one of the world’s largest curated and fully integrated assortments of modern furnishings, lighting and décor under one brand, so we guess it is, surely, something you would not want to miss.

Conservatory and Rooftop Park are located at the top of the grand stairway and are not at all less impressive than any other part of this new mini shopping palace. You will enjoy looking at the 20-foot ceilings and walking among exotic succulents, banana palms, and heritage olive trees. Yorkdale is really hard to beat when it comes to offers and giving the best service. So head to this mall, to experience the brand new Restoration Hardware.

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