Enjoy pop-up store concept in Toronto´s Ikea!

Just few people haven´t at home at least one piece of furniture or an apartment accessory from Ikea. And even fewer people haven´t never heard about the popular Swedish. For all its fans Ikea now testing a new concept of its stores - in Toronto Ikea opened the first store in the pop-up style. What exactly do you find inside? And why is Ikea start with this concept?

Let's think outside the box

Ikea has its own aim: to persuade its customers to step out of their conformist zone and “think outside the box". The Toronto branch of Ikea is not large; in fact it is only a small store with a few dozen products. But it lures customers to other attractions: for example at the entrance, instead of shopping cart customers bring special RFID-enabled wooden spoon. With it, customers can then browse the store, add selected articles with one click to the virtual shopping cart and at checkout just attach a spoon to a special sensor - employee read what the customer wants to buy, and within moments prepare all items.

In addition in this Ikea customers can find virtual reality headsets, thanks which they will literally feel like at home in the exhibited kitchen. Overall, Ikea hopes that shoppers will rethink how they look at food and cooking, courtesy of the pop-up store. So does this new concept attract you to try it? We definitely yes, and we cannot wait until we go in!

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