Even in the Northwest Territories you can enjoy great shopping!

Shopping is a passion for many people and they don't mind spending a lot of hours in stores. Many of us additionally perceive shopping as a great opportunity to relax or spend a relaxing day with family.

If you go to the Canadian Northwest Territories, you will find there two shopping malls, which are worth visiting. What are these? We are going to introduce them to you...

Centre Square in Yellowknife - this isn´t a classic shopping mall to which we are accustomed. This is a rather small group of shops in one place, giving you everything together what you want and what you need. As is shown directly on the site of the mall: Whether you're shopping for jewelry, a new computer or winter apparel to keep you warm on those frosty nights in the Northwest Territories, Centre Square Mall has everything you could possibly need! And it's true, because there are shops like the Arctic Jewelers, Bootlegger or Northern Transition.

Centre Ice Plaza in Yellowknife - compared to large shopping malls in the more populous parts of Canada, this shopping center is real tad. But it offers all the stores, which not only inhabitants of Yellowknife, but also tourists need, plus extra excellent restaurants and bars.

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