Gwyneth Paltrow’s Brand Coming to Canada

On Friday, 12th of May the brand of a famous Hollywood star hit the shelves of Nordstrom at the Eaton Center and will be available to all the visitors until June 25. California based boutique called Goop will be one of the pop-in stores in famous Canadian mall. This will be a unique chance for all the keen ones to find out more about the brand that Paltrow founded back in 2008. and that is available only in USA.

Everything started just as weekly newsletter related to cooking. Still, very soon, Gwyneth made a platform for giving travel recommendations, offering health-centric recipes, and revealing shopping discoveries for friends. Subjects related to health, fitness, and the psyche also appeared on the site discussed by many contributors and experts she started to cooperate with. Today, Goop is fully formed lifestyle site, offering huge range of products and content. She likes to say this is the place where she is able to introduce some of the incredible experts who have mentored her throughout her life to a wider audience, and a place where readers can find suggestions about where to shop, eat, and stay from a trusted friend.

Many famous brands and names are part of this story today, so the website features major designers offering timeless fashion the actress likes herself too. 

Most of people do not know the superstar likes cooking very much and that she has published several cookbooks so far. She is also a fan of clean life. What does all this exactly mean? Well, that means you will be able to purchase a ton of natural beauty products, dietary supplements and cookery items once you enter the doors of Nordstrom.

If you wonder what on Earth Goop means, it actually represents the Paltrow’s initials and is a game of words. She says – means nothing, but could mean anything.

The next plan for the brand is to cooperate with one and only Anna Wintour and Vogue in making quarterly magazine iteration.

#What is Pop-In Shop?

This concept is created and developed by vice-president of creative projects at Nordstrom, Olivia Kim. The event Goop Pop-In is considered exclusive, because it will appear in only eight out of 122 stores of Nordstrom including Pacific Center in Vancouver and the Eaton Center. The concept only pops in, meaning it is temporary and will take place at named locations from May 12 until June 25.

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