Have you ever heard about Canadian Shopping Centre Awards?

Canadian Shopping Centre Awards fall under a worldwide assessment network known as the ICSC. Using this appreciation of shopping center can be got quite clear picture – how does look the shopping centre that is successful not only as for popularity among visitors, but also as regards the economic aspects, marketing etc. Let's look into Canadian Shopping Centre Awards closer...

The awarding in 2015 will be held in October

For what are actually Canadian Shopping Centre Awards granted? For example for:

  • marketing
  • design and development
  • retail store design

The announcement of the results of the next year of this competition will be held this time in October, specifically on Wednesday 7th of October at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. If you want to know who won this award in previous years, or who received other awards under the auspices ICSC, then take a look to the online gallery - you can simply select which award you are interested in and then conveniently browse past years. And yet look forward to this year´s one, and guess who will get the awards...


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