Where is the first international Torrid store? In Toronto!

Canada can be really proud of itself, because the Torrid brand chose it as the first country outside the United States borders, in which it opened its first international store. And it couldn´t choose a better place than Toronto - a city of incredible possibilities and lots of other great stores!

Fashion for women who know how to wear extra kilos

If you've never heard of Torrid, we have brief information about what we are talking: the most important information is that this fashion brand aimed at plus-size clothes. This doesn´t mean that in its offer are only shapeless sacks. On the contrary, the Torrid fashion is modern, chic and even roly-polies look great thanks to it!

And now to the first Torrid store in Toronto, which was opened in August 2015. It can be assumed that the success of the brand will be significant - because it is a market which lacks a quality brand clothes in which buxom women would feel comfortable comfortably and fashionably. And that's exactly what brand Torrid offers. Since its inception, Torrid has sent clothing to more than 150 countries around the world, but now for the first time for many Canadian women is possible to try the clothes on before buying it.

Just Canadian female customers really took a fancy online shopping of Torrid clothes, so it´s no wonder that Canada was chosen for the opening of the first international store. During the autumn of 2015, Torrid opened another three stores in Toronto. So now all women, whose dress size is between numbers 12 and 28, have plenty to choose from...

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