Winners Do It Right

Not many countries have unique shops where you can buy branded items of thousands of vendors around the globe at low prices, all stored at one place. Not only that – we are talking about place that refills the space with merchandise every single day! One of the best shopping hot spots of this kind in Canada is an off-price retailer Winners. Read more about them and head off to the first store to make this summer a bit merrier!

What is that they do?

At Winners shops you will be able to purchase designer fashions at prices 20%-60% below department regular prices. They never have any sales days or promotions – every single day they refill the space with new items that you can check out and buy, saving a lot of money. 

Have in mind we are not talking about outlet fashion. What makes the main difference between outlet store and off-price retailer is the fact an outlet store typically sells merchandise from a single manufacturer while Winners shop offers brands from various and numerous vendors around the world. Once you enter this kingdom of fashion and shopping, you will be able to find everything from boutique and designer labels to big brand names and up-and-coming labels. What they do is, they make a deal with a designer that overproduces pieces, they negotiate the best possible price and take the items to their locations. They do the same with stores that overbuy goods. As for the items, we are talking about amazing pieces of clothing and footwear, as well as accessories for women, men and kids. 

How is that they do it?

Winners have nothing to do with seasonal shopping. New brand names arrive several times a week filling the shelves with thousands of items and what people love the most about it is the fact every new assortment is a surprise! Also, have in mind they never take the same selection twice! Many times even the store managers have no idea what is in the next round until they open the door of the delivery truck. We guess, the whole fun is about the „surprise factor“.

What is also cool about these guys is this: if they see what is on the market is not the good value for money, they order merchandise to be manufactured for them. Some of it is designed by their own fashion experts. That means you will be buying soaps they ordered from Australia, or merino wool and cashmere made in Italy, or even glass shipped all the way from Poland. Why? Because they want to offer only the best, for customers to keep coming back.

And they are doing it right.

Rapidly changing mix of high quality items seems to excite buyers, so we are sure, once you step into the Winners store, you won’t be getting out with empty hands. The greatest joy of shopping is actually saving. So, what are you waiting for?

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