You would not find any Target in Canada

At the turn of March and April this year, certainly everyone noticed that favorite department store Target began gradually to close its stores across Canada. It started at the beginning of January 2015 when Target Canada filed for bankruptcy. Actually, no, it started much earlier...

The success was not such as expected

Target Canada, what is the official name of this subsidiary of Target Corporation, was established on 5 March 2013. However, the company began to engineer plans to expand to Canada much earlier. Firstly, 3 stores were opened and tested at the beginning of March 2013; in the coming weeks were opened another ones – in a total, Target had 133 store locations in Canada. Nevertheless, due to financial problems, Target began to close stores step by step. The first one was closed on March 18, 2015 and last less than a month later, on April 12.

Is there something positive that the Target Canada has been closed? For someone maybe yes, because during the days of closing were in these stores discount bigger than 90%.

On the scene is coming... Nordstrom!

Recently Target fell back from the Canadian market, on its place is already attacking another major player in the field of department stores, Nordstrom. Already in Ottawa and Calgary you can find stores of this popular brand - others will be opened later in September and during the 2016 also in Vancouver. Until 2017 stores in Toronto would also be prepared for new visitors. According to an official statement, Nordstrom will not rush with the opening of stores in Canada - because Nordstrom wants to pursue a thorough analysis of shopping behavior of Canadians and continues to work on improving the level of their stores.

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