Calgary’s Shopping Therapy On 17th Ave

If you are one of those who are fighting the summer heat with window shopping or simply roaming around with take away limunade on the search for something to light up your closet space, we have an idea for you. Head to Calgary’s best retail and entertainment district and get lost among the top notch local and international brends. As always, we are here to remind you which ones not to skip.

Roots Canada

It is hard to name better local brand that represents Canada’s best. 

Company, founded in 1973 by Michael Budman and Don Green, started with producing shoes only, in a small store in Toronto. Today, Roots has more than 220 retail stores all over Canada, USA and Asia. What customers appreciate the most in this brand is their devotion to tailoring only the best quality pieces, especially the ones made of genuine leather, all the time respecting their commitment to make sustainable products. This includes using recycled, non-toxic materials during the process of production. If you decide to visit their store it will not be an easy task choosing between leather jackets, bags and luggage assortment, causal apparel, Roots Home products, or Roots Kids and Roots Baby clothing

#Did you know?

  • Logo of the company, the beaver, was designed in the 1970s and represents the connection with the nature
  • The company’s leather goods factory is located in Toronto and it has been operated by the Kowalewski family, famous for three generations of craftsmen
  • Canada’s world famous Algonquin Park, known for it’s unspoiled wilderness and beauty was the main inspiration for creation of the brand
  • The name Roots came out of an every day situation when one of the owners found the word, flipping through a friend’s biology textbook. It’s natural earthy meaning caught his eye, so both Don and Michael decided to name the company like that, because it evoked the specific metaphor: that our feet are our roots, as they are connected to the ground just like a tree is.


If you happen to visit this store, plan to be dazzled by the number and beauty of fashion pieces waiting for you here. Also, plan to call off all the plans for that same afternoon, cause you won’t be getting anywhere soon, once you step into the Gravitypope.

The name stands for an independently owned boutique providing Canada with an impressive array of carefully chosen, unique collections of footwear, clothing and accessories, gathered from all over the world. Still, they are mostly known for their footwear collections.  

The first boutique of that kind was opened in 1990, in Edmonton, Alberta. A decade later, a second location was added in Calgary, Alberta. Today, you can easily browse the products on their online shop, before you head to the store on 17th Avenue. If you, sometimes, get too lazy to do so, remember they have door-to-door worldwide delivery.

We advise you to check out their latest Let’s get cool Journal and start from there in picking some light summer pieces.

Calgary Jewellery

Wish to leave speechless someone you truly love? You are about to get engaged? Search no more. If we would have to put into words what makes this store special, we can only say: world class style and service. If you did not know, Calgary Jewellery was founded in 1955, as one of the first stores of a kind in the city. Here, you will find an impressive collection of branded engagement rings, diamonds, bridal bands and watches. There are eleven brands of engagement rings only, including the unique Couture Collection where you can design your own ring, choosing between white, rose and yellow gold. The pieces are evaluated by the world’s foremost authorities on diamonds where each stone has it’s own grading report certificate.

Their standards regarding diamond collections is what makes them stand out too and it is, primarily, their unique cut and extreme brilliance. 

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