Eco Fashion – Buy Responsibly

How many of us are really eco-conscious? Do we look what we buy? Do we care who made it and how the item was made? Probably we don’t think too much about these details while being shaken by shopping fever, but there are more and more buyers out there who support green brands.

By focusing on sustainability and ethical practices those brands make us feel good after we are done with purchase and enjoy far more in the piece knowing it was organic and ethically made. Find out more about some of the green labels made in Canada.


Made by husband and wife, Michael and Donna Gaughan, this brand is a real promoter of eco fashion label. While producing their collections, they use sustainable fabrics only and bamboo is their rock star number one! They describe their brand as simple with a touch of style and easy to wear on every day occasions. All of the items are locally milled and composed of sustainably sourced fabrics. If you ever pick them as your choice, know that you have picked ever lasting piece.


One of the eco alternatives to fast fashion companies is also this brand. Their motto is to approach fashion in an ethical and transparent way that considers both people and the planet.

The mission of Canadian Encircled is all about travelling light. Their other main focus is sustainability. Collections they make have numerous neutral colour items, many of them in reversible cut. The most interesting fact is that they use material called modal derived from the inner pulp of resilient Beech trees. It is also anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and wrinkle-resistant.

This company refuses to compromise on human rights, materials and the environment, so they use eco-fabrics and recyclable materials and practise up-cycle production methods and closed-loop processes. It’s easy to conclude - you will do good if you buy encircled.

People Tree

Fashion industry recognized this brand as a pioneer in the Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion movement. We can freely say People Tree is one the best ambassadors for promotion of responsibly made fashion. For over twenty years, they have cooperated with artisans and farmers all over the globe.  People they work with come from distant poor parts of the world – some of them not having essentials of modern life such as electricity. They buy very few consumer goods, eat locally produced food and use hand production methods to earn their living.

The result is – huge range of ethical and eco wear. If you happen to decide to be their customer, you will be able to find many adorable stylish pieces made of organic cotton, work wear jumpsuits, relaxed yoga wear, jewelry, t-shirts and inventive suggestions at their Gift section. Every single item is made by standards they have set and that is promoting natural farming, avoiding polluting substances, protecting water supplies and using  biodegradable materials. It’s impossible not to love them, right?

Mini Mioche

Parents in Canada will love this one! Creator of this brand, located in Toronto, is a mom and designer Alyssa Kerbel. She founded this brand in 2008. after she had her first daughter, because she was unable to find suitable eco clothing for her baby. She surely made a great story, because Mini Mioche is one of the most famous organic children's clothing brands in Canada today. With eco-friendly materials and non toxic dyes all of her kids' fashion basics are just adorable and pleasure to use. Her main aim is to produce clothing that kids would want to wear and parents would be happy to buy. Brand also offers wide range of eco made gear, footwear, toys and books for little ones. One big BRAVO for this mom.

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