Active Summer: Gear Yourself Up

Stunning lakes, mountains, parks, coastlines and picnic spots are some of the best escapes Canada can offer during the long summers. Whether it’s just walking around woods, or taking a two week getaway somewhere near the ocean or in the wild nature, you need to be well equipped. Since it is and it has always been all about details, read where you can find more than you can imagine for your next outdoor adventure!


Founded more than four decades ago, this brand offers more than 500,000 items in each of it’s stores! And this is not the only fact that will impress you – the brand can be found in more than ten Canadian cities and is considered to be the biggest network of stores in Eastern Canada where you can find literally all the products for camping, fishing, hunting and all the other activities in the nature.

What do we mean by all? It is clothing, tents, more than three thousand models of special snowshoes, boots, even kayaks and canoes!

Hurry up to check out the vast list of branded items 20 to 50% off price, only until September 3rd!

MEC Canada

First of all, these guys are having a summer clearance at the moment, so have that in mind before you visit them to prepare yourself for the next camping trip! They have it all – gear for hiking, boots and shoes, climbing and paddling gear and excellent best sellers list. All the products they offer are eco-friendly and made of sustainable materials. Their shop in Toronto is a host of an annual Bikefest event and gives tours about corporate environmental responsibilities. Apart from selling some great things, they offer useful tips and pieces of advice before you head to the nature. Check out their interesting blog and read more about how to be responsable in the woods.

Canadian Tire

How to make an introduction good enough for almost 95 year old mega chain of more than ten huge stores that covers all segments of living in Canada? Family of companies with more than 1,700 retail and gasoline outlets all over the State offers products in the fields of Automotive, Living, Fixing, Playing and Apparel. All the gear they have can be found at very good price and for decades now they are considered as one of Canada's most recognized and trusted brands. Folks – you name it, they have it!

#Did you know?

  • The first store was just a garage that brothers Billes bought in Toronto in 1922 for $1,800.
  • In 1961, Canadian Tire ‘Money’ is issued to cash-paying customers in stores for the first time.
  • There were 40,000 cars on Canada's roads when the owners first bought the Hamilton Tire & Garage Ltd. Today, there are over 13.5 million cars.
  • The number of snowboards FGL Sports sells each year, would be about as tall as a 100-storey building.
  • One out of every five households has a Canadian Tire Credit Card.
  • More than 90% of the population lives within 15 minutes of a Canadian Tire store.
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