CONCEPT Brands In Yorkdale Shopping Center

Last time, we talked about the Yorkdale’s multi-vendor temporary retailer initiative, called CONCEPT and the great idea behind it. The idea keeps growing and it is getting more interesting from month to month, so we decided to tell you a bit more about the second retail rotation, located near the TTC entrance.

This month the fashion took over the space and you will love it all!

Read more about some of the brands waiting for you in the second round.

HEIRKid - Very fashion conscious parents William Nguyen and Jebril Jalloh, created this vibrant kid’s brand for all the other parents who think the same – children’s character can be expressed through what they wear too. And yes, the brand is also created for fashionable parents. All the pieces are done with exquisite attention to details, milled and manufactured locally. The store will also present some high quality Canadian-made items from Get Fresh Company’s adult-sized line. 

MARY YOUNG: Another great local name aimed to promote something a bit different-the women as they are, in all sizes, forms and natural beauty. Designer herself claims that only a lady that feels comfortable can be confident and that feeling will make her feel sexy and attractive more than anything else. MARY YOUNG garments emphasize comfort with the use of jerseys, knits and soft elastics to encourage appreciation of the natural body. The lifestyle lingerie and loungewear brand is ethically produced in Montreal, Quebec and is donating $3 dollars from every item sold at CONCEPT to Raw Beauty Talks, a non-profit society promoting the mental and physical health of young women by increasing their self-confidence and cultivating positive body image.

Peace Collective: This brand was founded in 2014. by Yanal Dhailieh with the goal to present the ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things. They are recognizable for the Toronto vs. Everybody clothing. The Yorkdale pop-up includes it’s new Blue Jays line, and every garment sold provides two healthy meals to a Canadian child in need through it’s Peace Foundation. And that is not all – just next to their store, this brand welcomes all the guests with treat/milkshake bar called Peace Treats where some happy crowds have been spotted. What are you waiting for?

HAYLEY ELSAESSER: Toronto-based designer started her business back in 2013. and since then she keeps growing and taking over the world’s greatest runways. Her colourful, pop-art inspired prints have been part of Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto and New York fashion weeks. Many celebrities love what she does and wear her pieces, such as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. Well, if it was good for them, you might like it as well. Visit Yorkdale and check out the pieces from her spring/summer 2017 collection, inspired by the ‘90s version of Romeo & Juliet. This story simply never gets old, does it?

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