Show Those Shoulders!

If there is something that will take over spring trends this season those are off the shoulder tops of all types, prints and colours. Since they are too adorable to be ignored, we have picked three Canadian brands that have great collections of these pieces and we recommend you to check it out online. You will probably find more irresistible items to spend money on. Don’t blame us. Blame these guys.


Reitmans was founded in 1926. by Herman and Sarah Reitman. This famous brand was once only one women’s clothing store, located on Boulevard St. Laurent in Montreal. Today it is largest women’s specialty retailer in Canada. People love them, because they provide good quality at affordable price and are known for outstanding customer service they provide in 800 stores across the country. Their grandchildren and great grandchildren have transformed the company to new levels and made a brand to last. Next time you visit their store have in mind: they purchase 1.5M meters of fabric each year to make clothes you like, they use 28M buttons annually for pieces in their stores and they sold 3500 liters of ice cream to benefit charity.

Don’t forget to check out tops collection.


LE CHÂTEAU is a Canadian specialty retailer and manufacturer of contemporary fashion apparel, accessories, and footwear. Today, the brand is sold exclusively through 197 retail locations across Canada. More than 2500 people of different professional backgrounds work hard every day to make you a happy customer. Their origins go back to 1959. when they were a small family-run clothing store in downtown Montréal. The fact they kept offering high-quality, in-house designed accessible garments for years, has positioned them as an international brand that people love.

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This brand is an off-price retailer and these guys will really save your money! When we say  really, we mean at prices generally 20%-60% below department and specialty store regular prices, every day.

Have in mind they are not an outlet store. An outlet store typically sells merchandise from a single manufacturer. They offer brands from thousands of vendors around the world!

In WINNERS stores you will find big brand names to boutique, designer labels, as well as up-and-coming labels. If you have time and money, it is a good idea visiting them on regular bases, since new brands and designer fashions arrive several times a week. So do stop by to see the latest spring deals.

Each delivery contains thousands of items. Maybe that is why they like to say their rapidly changing assortments create the “treasure hunt” shopping experience, that all the customers enjoy so much. We won’t hold you anymore. 

Get ready and search for the „treasure“ here.

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